The 2014 Book of Proceedings is now available online!

The official Walsh Exchange Book of Proceedings for 2014 is now available for viewing online! Browse to your heart’s content here.

Want to know what’s in store? Check out the diverse array of research topics covered by this year’s Walsh Exchange cohort:

Changing the Education System in Burma: Preparing to Repatriate Karen Refugees
Keila Franks

Cold War Foreign Policy Through the Eyes of Clark Clifford: The Voice of Reason
Ben Gottesdiener

Collateral Gains: How Israel Has Benefited from Iran’s Nuclear Program
Dougal Robinson

A Comparative Analysis of Regional Environmental Regimes in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea
Colleen Wood

Competing Creeds: Disaggregating the Role of Religion in the Onset of Civil War
Linnea Turco

Contextualizing Mental Health and Trauma Healing in Post Conflict Rwanda
Lizzie Lamb

Distributing Opportunity: Microfinance, Poverty, and Growth in ASEAN
James Thomas Fishback

Do MANPADS Matter?
Laurel Zigerelli

The Dragon’s Curse?: Considering China’s Economic Ties and Participation in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in Africa
Ben Yunmo Wang

Greenland of Opportunity?: Modeling the Prospects for Sustainable Resource Development in Greenland
Madeleine Livingston

How to Survive the Rwandan Genocide: Towards a Framework for Genocide Survival Using Memoir Analysis
Basil Bastaki

The Puzzle of the Proletariat: Are Some Forms of Urban Middle Class Activism in India More Democracy Enhancing than Others?
Avanti Narayanan

Protagonizar: Economic and Social Development in a Microfinance Model
Sarah Baran

Russian Counterterrorism: The Evolution of Counterterrorism in Russia and its Impact on the State and Inside the Kremlin
Joshua Schoen

Tearmainn na hÉireann: Direct Provision Housing, Child Asylum Seekers, and Violations of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
Narintohn Luangrath

Winning Hearts and Minds and Votes: Effects of U.S. and Western Education of Foreign Leaders on Voting Preference Alignment in the United Nations General Assembly
Sun Hoo Kim

Who Proliferates?: A First Image Look at Pakistani Proliferation
Alexandra van Dine


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