5 Reasons to Join the WX Steering Committee

With just a few days left in our application cycle, here are just 5 reasons why you should join the Walsh Exchange Steering Committee. We look forward to your application!

1. You’ll meet unforgettable people

Whether it’s listening to a keynote from the best foreign policy minds or hanging out with other steering committee members during meetings, you’ll be surrounded by a fantastic network that will stick with you for years to come.

Sammy Mladen (Director of Marketing), Cheryl Lau (Deputy Academic Coordinator), Allison Kim (Director of Finance and Operations), and Sidharth Sharma (Editor-in-Chief) at the Third Annual Conference

2. We don’t just talk the talk

Talking about policy and recommending solutions is a noble pursuit, but we here at the Walsh Exchange take things farther. Come with us as we visit the Department of State, the Pentagon, Library of Congress-we offer unparalleled programming opportunities throughout the conference that all steering committee members can attend as well!

One of the programs we are anticipating at the Fourth Annual Conference (Spring 2015)

3. Our alums go on to do great things-and you will, too

Council on Foreign Relations intern. Executive Director of the largest model UN conference in our hemisphere. Boren Scholar. President of the International Relations Club. These are only some of the things our Steering Committee members have accomplished in just the past year!

Sarah Pemberton (left), Co-Chair of the Third Annual Conference and Executive Director of the 52nd North American Invitational Model UN

2014 Director of Finance and Operations Allison Kim, Current President of the International Relations Club, Georgetown’s largest student group.

4. You’ll be at the forefront of the latest generation of IR research

The Walsh Exchange was founded in 2011 by a Georgetown undergraduate with the idea of fostering the spirit of research in undergraduates from across the globe. The ideas that start at the Exchange grow and develop years after they are presented at the conference. You’ll get a first hand look at what issues will be shaping our world – and you’ll have the chance to impact those issues yourself.


2014 Co-Chair Chloe Krawcyzk and keynote speakers Robert Beck and Anthony Arend

5. What all college students want…

Of course, all college organizations offer free food by means of pizza-at the Walsh Exchange, though, we live by the philosophy of “go big or go home.” Maybe that’s why we have catered receptions, lunch excursions, and private events in Copley Formal. Get off the Domino’s train and come join the Walsh Exchange!

Closing dinner for presenters and Steering Committee members at the end of the Third Annual Conference, Copley Formal



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