2017 Presenters

For your interest, please find the full list of presenters at the Sixth Annual Conference (March 31-April 1, 2016) below.

Panel 1: Security & Conflict Resolution 
  • Michelle Schein, Brown University, “Nuclear Iran: An Examination of Iran’s Fallible Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons”
  • Rohit Tallapragada, Georgetown University, “Momentum Shifts: How and When International Actors Can Pursue Peace in Conflict”
  • Henrietta Toivanen, Claremont McKenna College, “Frontiers of Technology in Warhead Verification”
Panel 2: Culture, Prejudice & Political Memory
  • Rachel Greene, Georgetown University, “Understanding the New Anti-Semitism: A Study of 21st Century Anti-Semitism in France and the United Kingdom”
  • Lynn Lee, Georgetown University, “China and the Korean War: Crafting Memory to Serve New Objectives”
  • Julian Zuzarte, St. Joseph’s University, “Institutional Impact: The Influence of Political Culture on Democratization in Haiti and El Salvador”
Panel 3: Peace, Democracy & Diplomacy 
  • Jason Fasano, George Mason University, “Democratic Great Power Support for Contested Autocracy: Understanding the U.S. Response to the Arab Spring”
  • Alden Fletcher, Georgetown University, “Who Pays for Peace?”
  • Timothy Yin, Georgetown University, “China & UN Peacekeeping”

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