How will papers be selected?
Submissions will be judged based on quality of research, theory, and writing, as well as their innovative contribution to the field.
How long should my paper be?
Papers should be 20-50 pages in length. Adaptions of a longer work are welcome.
What if my paper is still in progress?
In-progress works must represent the high quality of thought and research that will be present in the final paper. A sense of the paper’s direction and preliminary conclusions should be clear. Submitted papers that are incomplete must nonetheless represent a significant level of research worthy of conference presentation and discussion.
How should I format the paper?
The paper should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with consistent citation style. Papers should only contain identifiable information on the cover page, as they must be ready for blind review.
What is blind review formatting?
No identifying information (applicant’s name, school, etc.) should be in the body of the paper. Only the cover page, which excludes any body text, should have this information.
What does “faculty endorsement” mean on the submission form? Do I need a professor to review my work?
We want to know that all the work we receive is original and of the highest quality. If you wrote the paper for a program or class, you should ask if you may list them. If not, you may ask a faculty member that you have worked closely with in the past. We do not require a written endorsement or recommendation.