Past Conferences

Once you join the Walsh Exchange, you’re part of the family for life. The Exchange is committed to continuing to foster relationships with enthusiastic and talented students from around the globe and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

Subscribe to our upcoming newsletter

Whether a presenter, a former Steering Committee member, or a panel audience member, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on the latest Walsh Exchange news, DC events, topics in foreign affairs, and networking opportunities. We’re still in the process of building a relevant newsletter service to meet your needs (who needs more email spam?), but in the meantime email if you want first-hand access to our content and goodies.

Find your old Exchange pals and meet new cohorts

The one weekend you spend at the Walsh Exchange leads to lasting friendships and invaluable connections. Keep in contact with your fellow presenters and reach out to other alums who represent the next generation of leading foreign affairs scholars and policy-makers.

Relive the memories

Keep up with photos, videos, and blog posts detailing your Walsh Exchange experience through our social media platforms.


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