Walsh Exchange 2014

The Third Annual Walsh Exchange

Want to find out how to join the ranks of these distinguished Walsh Exchange alums? Email walshex@gmail.com to find out more about participating as a presenter, a Steering Committee member, or as an audience member!

Steering Committee Members


  • Keila Franks, George Washington Univeristy
  • Ben Gottesdiener, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Dougal Robinson, University of Sydney
  • Colleen Wood, Georgetown University
  • Linnea Turco, George Washington University
  • Lizzie Lamb, Western Washington University
  • James Fishback, Georgetown University
  • Laurel Zigerelli, Georgetown University
  • Ben Wang, Tufts University
  • Madeline Livingston, George Washington University
  • Basil Bastaki, Georgetown University
  • Avanti Narayanan, Georgetown University
  • Sarah Baran, Georgetown University
  • Joshua Schoen, Georgetown University
  • Narintohn Luangrath, Boston College
  • Sun Hoo Kim, Georgetown University
  • Alexandra Van Dine, Georgetown University

Speakers and Moderators


Alumni Groups


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