Walsh Exchange 2016

The Fifth Annual Walsh Exchange

Want to find out how to join the ranks of these distinguished Walsh Exchange alums? Email walshex@gmail.com to find out more about participating as a presenter, a Steering Committee member, or as an audience member!

Steering Committee Members

  • Elizabeth (Lizzy) Tse, Chair
  • Matthison Chlore, Vice Chair
  • Brendan Keenan, Co-Academic Coordinator
  • Guillaume Biganzoli, Co-Academic Coordinator
  • Will Liao, Director of Finance and Operations
  • Walter Lohmann, Deputy Director of Finance and Operations
  • Matthew Cullom, Director of Events and Marketing
  • Itua Uduebo, Director of Media and Technology


  • Griffin Cohen, Georgetown University
  • Justin Fang, Georgetown University
  • William Freeman, Tufts University
  • Abigail Grace, Georgetown University
  • Matthew Koo, National University of Singapore/University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Eng Gin Moe, Georgetown University
  • Rachel Morota, Georgetown University
  • Jeff Shay, Georgetown University
  • Tanisha Singh, Columbia University
  • Lauren Sukin, Brown University
  • Alexandra Vreeman, Claremont McKenna College
  • Marissa Young, Columbia University

Speakers and Moderators

  • The Honorable Ahn Ho-Young, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea | Keynote Speaker
  • Dr. R. Palarino, Panel Moderator | Transformative Ideologies: Intranational Influence
  • Dr. Oriano Skyler Mastro, Panel Moderator | Politics and Security of Asia
  • Dr. Ariane M. Tabatabai, Panel Moderator | Energy in Conflict: Oil and Nuclear Security

Alumni Groups